How to Make Money Playing Satellite Poker Tournaments


Many poker players over look satellites unless it is a championship they want to be eligible for a. Butif you’re a tournament player, there is plenty of money to be made playing in online auctions and frequently live satellites for larger events also, such as for example WSOP championships or WPT events at the Bellagio and so forth.

For the time being, let us take a glance at on the web satellites.

Every poker site will offer a dominoqq of satellites for a multitude of tournaments. One of these secrets is you will be paid using an entry into a bigger buyin tournament should you win the satellites. But, it is possible to consistently’un-register’ to your bigger tournament if you triumph. Depending on the site, they’ll usually put some kind of ticket or tournament dollars into your own account and then you can use this cash to play almost any other championship at any other moment. You don’t have to play in the tournament that you won the satellite to get.

You can’t cash this’championship’ money out as cash, however you can use it in order to enter tournaments which may spend money and you’ll be able to use it at any time, there isn’t any timeframe expiration. Therefore, in other words, you’ll win 10 satellites for the same tournament and only bank all of the money, deploying it later at your leisure in games that you may win actual cash. This really is a wonderful influence in your money.

I will quite often find a satellite that I like the arrangement of and play with it over and over again. A couple of weeks ago on PStars, I discovered a $55 satellite for a $ 2-16 buy in. I played in 4 of them and won entry every moment, therefore my investment was 220 and my gross winnings were $864 giving me a clear profit of $6 44.

Besides, that you don’t have to WIN in a satellite, you just have to finish in the upper variety of places. So, if I did not have a wonderful championship and might not have had a shot to help make the final table had the tournament been played all the way throughit willn’t matter as long as I finished in the top 20 or even 30 or whatever it was for the reason that tournament. You don’t need to control, you Just finish’good ‘

One of these tricks is picking the ideal tournaments to playwith. Stay away from the satellites at which there are 800 people looking for 20 chairs. All these are tough and they’re normally quite low buy in compared to this entry fee you may acquire: some thing like $5.50 for a $216 seat will often attract way too many players for too little seats. Your odds of winning a chair aren’t adequate enough.

I normally discover a sweet spot in mid amount type entrances, like $55 for a 240 chair or $7.70 for a $55 seat, etc. In addition, I look for a larger quantity of bonded places when compared with the amount of entries that championship seems to be getting. On PStars last week I found a tournament that has been costing me $16.50 for a 55 entrance. You will find 20 seats guaranteed in full and there were approximately 30-35 players entered in each and every tournament. Those are decent odds and I won a chair in every 5 tournaments which I played in. Search to these kinds of satellites as opposed to the lengthy shot ones.

It takes sometime to scroll through the numerous tournaments available as satellites on online sites.However, once you realize what it is you want to find, these may be a very profitable spend of one’s money and pretty easy to acquire also.

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