Math Is Very Useful In Gambling And Forex Trading


Have you ever been a constant winner of a foolproof system you could use? Well, it’s not just wishful thinking. There are those that say it is very possible with a new mathematical equation recently.

In fact, as long ago as the mid-’50s, a physicist who worked at Bell Labs published a paper called Drew Analogy on the Effects of a Gambling Game and a Communication Channel over Symbols of Communication. He showed that a bankroll can be made based on a betting system that has a long run at an exponential rate. The Growth Rate in this case is a communication channel through which information is directly analogous to the rate of growth. But, it was then and there is a new system of rumors that has been developed that will help you win a game in a game of chance or even in the business of forex trading slot deposit pulsa.

In fact, we are facing a financial crash today, and the greatest danger is that most of the people in the economy are not doing what they believe in. What they actually believe in is gambling. They refer to it as a financial system; But it’s actually a system of gambling. People who understand this, since Galileo has developed this idea, have found the basis for gambling and how to have a better mathematical system. Therefore, these guys who run the financial world these days, depend on assuming that they have a “better system”, such as one that you can use for handicapping the horses. But, in the end it is sometimes the handicaps of the bettor, as he finds himself on the street, broke, and being chased by his debtors.

So, what you got today, what we found out in our financial district in August of 1998, is that people in charge now rely on mathematics. And they also have the top-of-the-line computers to help them get their money orders (money bets) faster than they ever could. But what they’re really trying to find is the best system of gambling. They are all in competition to get in on the “system”. A simple fact in these results. When are all the gamblers using the very same system, and they are the same goal for each other against gambling, guess what? They will all fall together at the same time.

Today, with 47 states in legal gambling, would it be great to find a mathematical solution to a game of chance? Then you will need a little internet savvy, some software to speed up the process, and an excellent grounding in probability theory.

Just imagine the possibilities. No more 9-5. No more financial concerns. Live the lifestyle you want. Take care of your family. Now, just discover how to develop the formula.

There is also a system that has been in use for many years, and it does work. The only drawback is that this system only works with the game’s “Black-jack” or more commonly known as “21”. Also, if you are using this method, you will be asked to leave. The system is commonly known as “card counting”, and it assigns a numerical value to each card and you are required to keep track of the total value of each hand as the dealer goes through. When the deck is re-shuffled, you have to start over. This system takes a certain amount of concentration on the task at hand and it is easy to work.

As for myself I think I would like to find something that would be more versatile in casinos or forex trading.

The author has found a website that will help you or anyone interested in finding such a system.

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